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The York Rite Companion Adept of the Temple program is an exciting by-mail self-study program through the Degrees and Orders of the York
Rite of Freemasonry administered by the Sovereign York Rite College of North America. This program is offered to any Knight Templar by enrollment through the Sovereign College office.

The program offers a series of exams focused on the ritualistic, philosophical, and esoteric teachings of the York Rite. The exams include a combination of multiple-choice, true-false, and essay questions pertaining to information presented in the Degrees and Orders of the Rite and/or in the resource materials which are recommended for purchase with the program.

There are five exams included in the curriculum, named as follows:

Exam I. The Degrees of the Capitular Rite
Mark Master
Past Master


Exam II. The Degrees of the Capitular Rite

Most Excellent Master

Royal Arch

The WORDS in Masonry

Exam III. The Degrees of the Cryptic Rite
The Council Degrees
Royal Master Degree
Select Master Degree
The Secret Vault Tradition


Exam IV. The Orders of Chivalry

The Commandery Orders

Order of the Red Cross

Order of Malta

Order of the Temple

Exam V. The York RiteTraditions and Freemasonry

History of the York Rite
Second Temple/Secret Vault Tradition

Royal Arch Tradition

Knighthood Tradition

These exams are based upon the online resource material and the rituals of the General Grand Chapter, General Grand Council and Grand Encampment of the U.S.A.

Increase or test your knowledge of the York Rite while you read the classic texts of Albert Mackey, Jackson Chase, Jeremy Cross, and George Conner. You will want to have access to your local Chapter, Council and Commandery rituals as you peruse the answers to the exams presented in the Companion Adept of the Temple program. The five quizzes are open book and you can advance at your own pace. This is an ideal course for individual study, and will sharpen your writing skills as you address in your own words the essay questions presented in the quizzes.


Upon completion, you will receive a personalized certificate naming you as a Companion Adept of the Temple of the York Rite of Freemasonry!


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